MC Medina is Peace

The MC Medina Experience


​Introducing MC Medina from Conscious Minds Ent®, one of the hottest, delightfully versatile personalities alive today! Motivational Speaking, Producing, MCing, DJing, live remixing, & comedy is just the tip of the iceberg! The charismatic sound mechanic from another planet has focused immense intentions on the gift of music & is NOW traveling to share this bliss with the world!

With nearly 2 decades of professional experience in everything music, Medina provides witty interaction delivering a positive message, while keeping an edge on the competition with his goal-oriented outgoing & ambitious personality. Professional experience & higher consciousness lyricism is what sets MC Medina apart from the mundane competition.

MC Medina is guaranteed to maintain high energy levels, posses creativity, & genuine unconditional love motivating the crowd, which is essential to making your dream celebration reality!

© 2021 by MC Medina. All rights reserved.


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